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Quick Lunch for a lazy day!!!

Posted by Sneha on January 13, 2007

Quick Lunch for a lazy day!!!

Its such a gloomy day outside today here, the kind that makes you lazy…not wanting to do anything. But, on the other hand, after spending half an hour with my personal trainer, I had worked up a real good appetite!!. Felt like I have to have something warm and quick but something different from the everyday fare. After a lot of IMs exchanged with hubby dear, we finally settled for “Bruschetta”, one of his favorite quickie foods.

I remember reading somewhere “never shop when u r hungry” and thats exactly what I did. Started out shopping for the crusty bread for bruschetta and ended up buying some Angel Hair pasta too!!! All of a sudden, I have this urge to eat pasta with Bruschetta. “Should make a good combo”, I thought to myself and came home excited.

But, it was not until I started to cook the pasta, that I thought about the sauce to go with it! I did a quick search on the web, but, finally ended up concocting my own! This is how I made it:


4 small tomatoes
1/2 big onion
1/2 green bellpepper
4 Green chillies
1/2 carrot
1tbsp of ginger garlic paste
1 12oz. pac of Roasted Garlic Angel Hair pasta
2 tbsp coriander leaves
4 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste



Cook the pasta as per instructions on the box.
Drain and keep it aside.
Cut all the veggies and saute it in 2 tbsp olive oil.
Puree them in the mixie.
Bring the puree to a boil in a wide mouthed sauce pan along with 2tbsp oil and salt.
Finally toss the pasta, mix well and serve.

For the Bruschetta, we just got the crusty Italian bread, drizzle olive oil and put them in a 350deg oven for abt 8-10 mins or until it et slightly crisp. Take it out, spread the store bought Bruschetta sauce and sprnkle some mozzarella cheese and put it back in the oven for a couple of minute more, until the cheese melts.

Thats it folks! Lunch is served! Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Quick Lunch for a lazy day!!!”

  1. Trupti said

    Pasta looks delicious…I love spaghetti with the minimal amount of sauce…and this is a perfect recipe. Sometimes, for an Indian twist, I add lots of Dhania-Jeera powder at the end. Gives it a wonderful flavor.


  2. Sneha said

    I will try with the Dhaniya and jeera next time. Thx. for that tip!

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