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Rocket Dosa…………zooooooooooooooooooooooom

Posted by Sneha on January 17, 2007


Weekends being the only time I make elaborate breakfast, today our breakfast was Dosa

Though its an alltime favourite for me and hubby, it takes a lot of effort to make my 6 year old – VERY picky eater, eat not just Dosa but, anything that says FOOD! So, I have to come up with something new and novel everytime to make her eat. I sometimes make “Mini” dosas or “Paisa” Dosa – coined by one of my friends, to make her little one eat! Sometimes, it is “Heart” dosa, with the help of a pancake mold, and today, it was “Rocket Dosa” to get her interested!

The basic recipe I follow for Dosa batter is:

1:3 Urad Dal:Rice

1 cup Poha/Aval/Avalakki

1 tsp methi seeds

Soak the above in enough water for 6-8 hours. While grinding, add a handful of riceflakes/avalakki/poha (adds a nice golden brown color to the dosa) and make into a smooth, fine batter. Add required amount of salt and allow it to ferment for 8-10 hours. I usually keep mine inside the oven.

Make dosas the regular way until the bottom turns golden brown. Dont turn sides. Cut the dosa from the edge to the centre and then start rolling it in the shape of a cone(see picture). Rocket dosa is ready! Serve with any chutney or side dish of choice.


6 Responses to “Rocket Dosa…………zooooooooooooooooooooooom”

  1. Madhavi said

    Wow!I like your creative idea. May you zoo…………m to us with many more recipes like this .

  2. jeya said

    How much poha is really needed? A cup or handful? It looks wonderful.I really want to make this dosa for my daughter. kindly reply.

  3. Sneha said

    Sorry there’s some confusion regarding how much poha is needed. Jeya, please use ONE cup of poha. I will edit/correct the post accordingly soon.

  4. kishore said

    Should the poha be soaked. Would appreciate if you let me know this. I really want the dosa to look golden brown like that.

    Thanks for posting the recipes

  5. Meesha said

    Hi Sneha , Great Idea , mums like us run out of ideas , thanks to mums like you that keep up the ideas ! .. Great Recipe , i too find that the 1:3 ratio works the best ! Will try the poha addition … and continue being an adventurous mom .. Nothing like it … Kudos to you !

  6. harshini said

    Hey!wonderful dosa.I really want to try this receipe.Do we have to soak poha or just add poha while grinding?.

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