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Benne Biscuit

Posted by Sneha on March 8, 2007

Since I have’nt been to Bangalore in a while now, my cravings for all the goodies I used to eat at home and nearby places have only been increasing. And as there is no way I can get the things I used to there, I have been on a quest to find the recipes and recreate the magic myself. Ofcourse, my mom’s recipes, I can always call her and get them. But, I have been finidng it pretty tough to collect the recipes for some of my favorite bakery stuff. Topping the list are Dilpasand, Benne Biscuit, Kobbari Biscuit, Honey cake……I’ll keep the hunt going… Meanwhile, when we took our last vacation, my friend S had made Benne biscuits…they were mouthwatering and delightful. She did give me the recipe too, but, it included dalda. I read somwhere that using dalda is not healthy and did not try the recipe. Finally, I came across …Vaishali’s recipe for Nankhatai urf Benne Biscuit (its a North vs south name game, huh?)

They looked soo good, a quick look at the ingredients and I immediately set to work, following Vaishali’s recipe word to word. I’ll anyway repeat the recipe for my own quick reference later…Thanks Vaishali!



Maida – 1 cup
Sugar (powdered) – 1/2 cup
Ghee – 6 tbsps (approx)
Elaichi crushed – 3 to 4 pods
Baking powder – 1/2 tsp


1.Mix all the ingredients except ghee.
2. Add ghee a little at a time and knead the dough into a nice soft ball.
3.Keepthe dough for a couple of hours.( I did not, as I had no patience to wait)
4.Preheat the oven to 300deg
5. Divide the dough into small round balls and flatten them on the top with your fingers.
6. Bake for 15 mins or until the bottom starts to turn slightly brownish.
7. Let cool before eating (forget about storing ;-))!!!

Here’s a fresh batch straight outta the oven!



24 Responses to “Benne Biscuit”

  1. Chandrika said

    Sneha, we are both in the same boat! I am finding it difficult to get the recipes of Banaglore bakery stuff…I simply love them…The biscuits look delicious and I am making them right away…

  2. Sneha said

    Chandrika, I am glad to know you are looking for similar recipes too! Are you from Bangalore also? We’ll keep looking for recipes and exchange them too :-).

  3. Rooopa said

    Any luck finding that honey cake recipe? I have not been to bangalore and craving for honey cake like there is no tomorrow. Couldnt find the recipe anywhere 😦

  4. Geetha said

    Hi Sneha,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Just had a small question, when making the dough, do we add a little water or should we use only ghee to make the soft ball dough?

    Many thanks,

  5. Sneha said

    Hi Geetha,
    Welcome! Nope, do not add any water, just the ghee will bring it all together! Good Luck!

  6. Madhavi said

    hi sneha!
    first time here.u have a very nice blog.i liked all your snacks/appetizers.I cud not comment on each and evryone of them individually so,writing everything here.all your pictures are wonderful.My tempted to make gobi manchurian looking at your pictures.those benne biscuits were gorgeous. and masala peanuts are next in line for me to make.I cannot leave the veg puffs from admiring them and your aloo bonda,last but not least making me drool.plz take time to visit my blog some time.

  7. Sneha said

    Welcome to my blog and thank you soo much for the award! I did visit your blog, keep up the great work there! You really ROCK girl!


  8. mamatha said

    hi, i tried this receipe.. it came very nicely thanks for the receipe… even i tooo like bakery stuff…

  9. Ani said

    Hi Sneha,

    It was realizing dream when I tried this at home today. It came out really well. Your narration were easy to follow and the results were impeccable!


  10. mumbaikar said

    Dalda brings to mind this old picture of Lata and Anil Biswas cooking with Dalda.

  11. Sandhya said


    I tried preparing benne biscuit from the recipe given on this website.
    When i baked, it became flat as the butter started to melt.

    i used plain flour instead of maida, is that allright?

    pls help

  12. sangee said

    hi sneha
    First of all i say thanks for ur wonderful recipe, i tried it the taste was very execellent,
    but there was a problem, the bottom part had become like stone, can u pls say why?

    waiting for ur answer.


    • Sneha said

      My guess, there could be some problem with your baking powder, try with a fresh one.

      • Sneha said

        You probably baked it a little too much, baking times vary with oven, keep an eye on it and the moment you see cracks appearing on the top, take it out of the oven, it shd be done, hope this helps, good luck!

  13. dumbee1018 said

    Hi Sneha: Those look very yummy…can u also tell me how many of benne biscuits that recipe can make? I am very eager to try those!!! keep the good work!

  14. Divya Varma said

    Hi there,

    Could anybody let me know if we can make rusk (biscuit which we get in all bakery) in B`lore

  15. Archana said

    Hi Sneha,

    I came across ur website and here I find my feelings on ur website as the same feelings that u went thr’, I have the same perfect cravingss for the items listed …its been a while that I had been to B’lore too and top it am pregnant now. So I shall def try ur recipe, thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Rama.Rao said

    like minded friends… today I tried the benne biscuit… it came so well… Thank you very much. I am so happy to achieve Iyengar bakery benne biscuit in London!!! I am just waiting to eat tomorrow.


  17. Meera said


    Thanks for the benne biscuits recipe…. it came out great…do you have the recipe for khara benne biscuits?



  18. Jayashree Inamti said

    Hi Sneha,

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful benne biscuit receipe. I had always dreamt of making this but did not know how. While going through the web, i found your receipe. I just now baked and was able to make around 27 of them. I am also from Bangalore and moved to VA three years ago. I love the benne biscuit and kobbari biscuit from the Jayanagar III Block bakery (Espcially kobbari biscuit is my favourite. Will try it out next). Thanks once again for giving us the taste of Bangalore Iyengar’s Bakery.

    Some of them did turn a little brown though, but again i think it might be due to the oven heating settings, right?

    Looking forward for more such recepies.


  19. Uma said

    I think it needs more sugar . it tasted a little bitter.

  20. Komal said

    Hi Sneha.. thanks for sharing the recipe… Tried it out.. The outcome is yummyyyyyyyy.. Am an die hard blore bakery fan so.. thanks again… : )

  21. Bobby said

    Hello Sneha,

    I tried this recipe,turned out really great in terms of it’s taste..rather it was just perfectt..but it did not seem to blow up in size..rather did nt expand too in terms of lenght & breath..wht cud b the prob in this case..if u cud help me!!

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful recipes,and benne biscuit is my all time fav..Pls help me understand my shortfall!!

    Thanks once again,

  22. Shobha said

    wow… mouth watering… thanks Sneha… i will try my luck today…

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