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Look at these Cuties!!!

Posted by Sneha on April 3, 2007


Wow! Look at them! Aren’t they cute or what??? Every time I look at them, I feel like just taking one and popping in my mouth!!! Do you feel the same?? As a matter of fact, you can! These are edible! Yes! thats right! You can eat them, except for the stem and leaves. They are a kind of Thai snack/sweet, made from Mung beans, I call them Thai Mung bean sweet!

We frequent this Thai restaurant in Harrisburg ever sooo often, that the chef/owner has become a great friend of ours! Ofcourse, she makes some great food too. Anytime we go there, she makes sure she comes out of her busy kitchen and talk to us and also, gives my daughter a special treat. The last time we were there, she gave our little one this snack. She said its made of mung beans and its very healthy too. I was more interested in taking a picture of these little cuties, I wouldn’t let my daughter touch them until we came home and took a picture of it! And, yes, she did get to eat them after that, and we did too, and it tasted delicious! Thought of sharing the picture here! Enjoy!


13 Responses to “Look at these Cuties!!!”

  1. shilpa said

    Ohh so cute.. did u ask the chef the name of this dish? can u do that next time you visit them?

  2. Sneha said

    Hey Shilpa,
    Will do, sure thing! BTW, thanks for adding my site to your Links and thanks for passing by!!!

  3. Trupti said

    How Cute! πŸ™‚

    What do they taste like??

  4. Surya said

    Sneha,came here from the JFI-round up.I passed through all recipes in your blog.you have a nice recipe collection with beautiful pictures.I am going to try ‘No-grind’Dosa this weekend.
    By the way,the candies looks wonderful!!

  5. Roopa said

    They are so adorable

    what is it made of??

  6. Sneha said

    Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

  7. Sneha said

    I was told that they are made of Mung beans. Will try and get more details, the next time I am there!

    They do taste kinda sweetish.

  8. Sharmi said

    Hi Sneha, first of all I loved the name of your blog. secondly all the recipes look so yummy and nice.
    I wish harrisburg was near by. its 3hrs from my place. those sweets look so lovely. wonderful creation!!


  9. Sneha said

    Welcome to my blog world! Thanks! Are u in the tristate area? 3 hrs is not long, u r welcome anytime! πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  10. Asha said

    Hello,I see I missed lot of your goodies here.Wonder how did I miss you all this time!:))

    I thought they were Marzipans.Made of Moong!!That’s clever.

  11. Sneha said

    Welcome to this noobie blogger’s world! πŸ™‚


  12. seema said

    Oh how lovely. They look so cute that I would rather keep them as a piece of decoration than gobble them. Never saw them before. Thanx for sharing.

  13. Sneha said

    Thx, for passing by Seema!

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