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Winter Blues in April!!!

Posted by Sneha on April 13, 2007

Update April 15th: We managed to dodge the snow this time! Its pouring dogs and cats though! But, I dont have any complaints!!!

Anyone remember the movie The Day After Tomorrow??? Well, we are seeing a preview of that movie here in Central Penn, this weekend. Weather channel has forecast a severe winter storm warning for this weekend with snowfall between 6 to 12 inches!!! Man! This is the second week of April…….we are officially well into spring! Cant take snow nomore! I am at my wits end! I just packed all our winter clothes, and trying to get some spring cleaning done 😦 . No one would believe how incredibly jealous I am of people who are enjoying the sun and the sand at this time! I am especially thinking of my parents, sister and everyone in Bangalore! They are all in high spirits for tomorrow’s Tamil New years day and here I am………..lost all my enthu and sitting and whining on and on………Oh! BTW, did I mention I am seriously on the lookout for an apartment with a fireplace , in case the movie does come true!


2 Responses to “Winter Blues in April!!!”

  1. Asha said

    Hello the one who is whining!:)

    I am in NC,we had a warm winter and a fab start of spring but snow is coming here this weekend I guess.From B’lore?!How can you miss my Karanataka special post this week?Get more depressed looking at them!;D

    Happy Vishu,I didn’t know what it was until today!

    Be warm and be safe,this will pass too:)

  2. Sneha said

    Thanks for passing by, Asha. And thanks for the wishes. BTW, Vishu is for Kerala people and Tamil New year is for Tamilians! Both fall pretty close every year though!

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