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A quick recap!

Posted by Sneha on January 28, 2010

I remember reading somewhere that coping happens in phases: shock, anger, denial, depression and FINALLY the ability to put thoughts and feelings in perspective that lets you make the best out of what is left and cherish those blessings that remain- that will give hope, solace, warmth, meaning and strength.

After more than 2 years, I think I am finally in that last phase. I have come to the realization the only way to keep dad alive is through his memories. So, i will hopefully succeed in that by writing more about him so my daughter gets to know her granddad better!

My first comeback post,a quick recap about life in general, how 2009 buzzed past ( Is it really 2010 already?????!!!!!).

After 2007, got a job in hopes of taking my brain off of all the depressing thoughts happily parading in front of me all the time, threatening to take over my life!!!! And got an awesome job, exactly what I had wanted, now I work with an excellent team, headed by one of the best managers who is constantly encouraging and mentoring me all along. So, yeah, that played a major role in my life getting back to some kinda normalcy.

Also was lucky enough to have found some awesome friends and had(having) a blast as far as social life goes!!! Thanks guys and gals for just being there for me!

2009 had it’s ups and downs, some of the major highlights:

Totalled my beautiful Acura in June when a bus rear ended my car! Lucky to have gotten out without a scratch, but, still wonder what the hell was that bus driver thinking ?????

My daughter is growing up so fast , it’s hard to believe my baby is 9 this year
:-(((((. She wanted to go to disneyworld – her birthday gift , we promised to take her during the holidays.

In December ended up in ER straight from a meeting at work, had emergency surgery to get my appendix out!!!

Within 2 weeks of that surgery, went for an awesome vacation to the sunshine state Florida, spent the holidays – Christmas to New year in Disneyworld, our fourth visit with our darling daughter!

Went on ALL the rides with her (hubby dear always would sneak out of those long lines at the last minute! He hates roller coasters! And No, my stitches didn’t open up like I thought they might:-) ) Anyways, we had a total blast. The icing on the cake was ushering in 2010 in front of cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom, it was truly Magical!!!! The best vacation so far!!

I am now back rejuvenated and ready to take on 2010! (and looking forward to another vacation, maybe?

Stay tuned for more updates and more recipes! (yes, I did pick up a few new recipes during this loooong break!)


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