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Posted by Sneha on March 13, 2007

Bengali sweets have, from time immemorial, been my weakness! The first time I had Rasmalai was with my dad at the Chalukya reataurant in Bangalore. It was out of this world! And then there was this place near my home, called “Prabhu sweets”, dont know if its still there…my dad used to get all kinds of Bengali sweets from! Have been hooked to them ever since. But, I had never attempted to make them. That was until…..one day, my Bengali friend and neighbour in Atlanta gave me these sumptuous, wonderfully soft and sweet Rasmalai. I asked her if she made it from scratch, she said it was “semi homemade”! and gave me this wonderfully easy recipe! Ofcourse, I added a bit of my own touch – the MTR badam powder. Born and brought up in Bangalore, how could I not be a loyal fan of the great MTR products?



2 cans of Haldirams Rasgollas (abt 28 pieces)
1 qt Half and Half milk
5-6 tbsp of MTR Badam Mix
5-6 tbsp of sugar (or to taste)
3-4 Elaichi crushed coarsely
Any nuts of choice to decorate (can use almond, pista, cashew, etc)


1. Squeeze the sugar syrup out of the rogollas gently and keep aside.
2. Pour the half and half in a thick bottomed vessel and boil for 10 mins.
3. Add the MTR badam mix, sugar and elaichi and boil for 5 more mins.
4. Finally add the rosgollas and simmer on low heat for 2 more minutes and take off heat.
5. Decorate with nuts of choice and serve chilled.


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