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Navya’s Corner!!!!


This is where my daughter Navya wants to put all of her stuff….her crafts, puppet show and everything she does!


This is my Puppet Show



There was soooo much snow and ice yesterday, I enjoyed snowboarding…it was sooooo much fun!!!!


13 Responses to “Navya’s Corner!!!!”

  1. Atimber said

    Hi Navy,

    Nice that you are competing with your Mom in web posting. The craft work you have posted are so cute that I wish you to upload more and more of them in this page for deshi viewers.

    Good work.

  2. Sneha said

    Hi Atthe Tata,
    Thanks you so much for visiting my page, you are the first one to leave a comment, thats very nice of you. I have lots more to post but, mommy is always busy with her own stuff, she doesnt have time to take my pictures. But, she has promised me she will. So, stay tuned for more here.!

  3. shikha said


    cute pics..nice work..keep it up..all d very best!!

  4. vijisriram said

    Navya’s corner is gr8. I showed it to my son whos 8 years old. He enjoyed it a lot. Gr8 work navya congrats. Keep it up.

    viji Sriram & rahul Sriram

  5. Hi sweety, nice photos! you have a great mama! Such a lovely letter!
    latha aunty.

  6. Sneha said

    Welcome and thanks a lot for all your encouragement!

  7. Sneha said

    Viji and Latha aunty,
    THanks for visiting my page and leaving such encouraging comments. Please visit me when u find time, I will post more!

  8. Hi sneha, are you back? I have announced an event for janmashtami. visit my blog for details. also try to participate.

  9. Navya said

    Hey Navya,

    You are so adorable. Keep up the good work. I have always been very active with the extra-curricular activities and I love colors, creativity and making these puppets is so wonderful. Keep it up.


  10. Sneha said

    thank you all for your nice comments. will be back with more soon.


  11. Vandana Vinay said

    Hi Navya,

    It’s a fantastic guide lines to feel at home (for most of us outside India). I did try out few recipes from your site, worked well. Thanks for that. Keep it up.
    I did like your puppet show as well.

    Many Thanks and Kind Regards,
    Vandana Vinay Ramprasad.

  12. suganya said

    good work Navya

  13. Rajeev said

    Awesome awesome.. Keep on posting..

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